Whether it’s the holiday season or a birthday or any other important occasion of your loved ones, buying the perfect gift can send you in a real tizzy. With fall about to end and Christmas and the festive season approaching, you must be gearing up for your holiday shopping spree.

But do have any idea where to start? Many people say that it is the thought that matters more when giving gifts to our loved ones. But we should be a little considerate also and choose the right gift for that person. So, do you prefer shopping in person or online?

Of course, it makes more sense to buy online to save both time and money, especially if that involves free shipping. Usually, you get better deals online as many stores have several products which they want to get out of their inventory.

Plan before you start buying

There are a plethora of gift websites out there and it is natural to get intimidated and end up spending up more than you intended. Plan how much you want to spend before you start shopping online. Make a list of things you need to buy for different people and what they are interested in? What are their needs, aspirations, and hobbies and things that will make them happy? You can buy gifts which can make the lives of your loved ones easier and which will be beneficial to them. Sometimes people have their wishlist on online shopping websites, so having a look at them can also be helpful.


Check out the shipping and returns policy

Always review what is needed for returns in case your purchases don’t go as planned, to avoid disappointments later in the form of any surprise fee. People prefer buying gifts online if the shipping is free but if shipping entails cost then going to the store makes sense. Many websites require buyers to pay up to 30% more to qualify for free shipping. With free shipping being offered waiting a few extra days is worthwhile. Go through the terms and conditions and return policy of the company carefully.

Check the reshipping charges

Due to any reason if the gift you bought for somebody has to be exchanged and need to be returned, then you may have to face the shipping charges. This mainly happens with clothes as when buying in-store you can feel and see the product whereas it may look completely different in terms of colour and fabric. Try not to buy cloth items for gifts online unless you are totally sure about the size, taste and color choices of the person you are buying it for.

Keep your eyes out for promotions and offers

Today price comparison of different products is just a click away and is way better than walking from one store to another to compare prices. After you have chosen your gift, look around on the Internet for other websites offering the same product at a cheaper rate or with better delivery options. You can check the delivery times and shipping fee of multiple sellers before making the purchase. Don’t settle for an item that is way too cheap, as the major difference in price, can be a sign of a scam.